What to do with the .zip
Creating the .package

  • Open S4PE
  • Drag&drop all the files located inside /package/ in S4PE
  • Save as a .package

Creating the .ts4script

  • Copy paste the .py inside your Python install directory
  • Open a command line console (cmd on Windows)
  • Run Python 3.3 with the -O option (eg C://Python33/Python.exe -O)
  • Import the .py (eg import
  • Get the .pyo from the __pycache__ subdirectory
  • Rename it to remove the .cpython-33 from the filename
  • Add both the .pyo and .py to a zip file
  • Change the extension to .ts4script (Make sure Windows is set to show file extensions)


Depending on the objectives you have selected for your career, you may have a Neia_Careers_Common.package in your zip. This package contains all the objectives that were missing from the vanilla game. If you have selected one of these missing objectives, you'll get the Neia_Careers_Common.package, which you should include in your career.

Latest Neia_Careers_Commons package